Low Impact Industry (Bridgestone Tyre Outlet)


Code Assessable Material Change of Use

Project Specifications

This proposal involved the change of use from a showroom to a Bridgestone Tyres outlet in Hervey Bay. The new use was associated with basic motor vehicle repairs in respect to tyre fitting. An entry showroom for customer service and tyre displays was also proposed as ancillary to the proposed land use.mech0

Service Station and Shop


Impact Assessable Material Change of Use

Project Specifics

The Service Station proposed eight (8) pumps, 26 car parking spaces, six (6) enclosed bicycle spaces and an ancillary servicing Shop to meet the needs of this development. The proposal was designed to ameliorate its impact on the surrounding built form through its architectural merit and landscaping. Caution was taken to ensure no worsening of impacts to the surrounding land uses and environment by proposing an appropriate and efficient development on the site.