Taylor Willis Town Planners hold in highest esteem core values of integrity, communication & attention to detail. This allows the team to offer a personalised service and focus for all clientele, keeping them engaged throughout the entire development process.


Robert Taylor

Director + Senior Town Planner ⇾

Rob is the keystone of the values that Taylor Willis Town Planners underpins. Throughout Rob's professional life he has sought to provide personalised service, integrity, and an understanding of his client’s visions and potential for development. Rob founded Taylor Willis Town Planners in 2008 with a very effective set of core values that he knew would keep each client feeling engaged throughout the development process.

Rob has experience across all aspects of property development, construction and project management working as the Principle Planner for a reputable development company prior to founding Taylor Willis Town Planners. Rob’s roots are engrained in South East Queensland holding various positions with industry & community organisations. He is a registered and experienced mentor as part of Griffith and Bond University mentor program and regularly has student planners learning from his experience.


Troy Kahler

Senior Town Planner ⇾

Troy has knowledge and understanding of the urban planning realm almost unparalleled in South East Queensland. With extensive experience across residential, commercial and industrial development and a planning approval portfolio ranging from complex subdivisions to high-rise mixed-use developments; his excellent reasoning and facilitation skills are always at the forefront of his customer service.

Troy graduated from the Griffith University (Gold Coast), with a Bachelor Degree of Urban and Environmental Planning. Whilst studying, Troy was a Student Planner at Gold Coast City Council and Student Planner at a local private firm.

Troy is acknowledged as an experienced and respected Town Planner on the Gold Coast being a member of the Planning Institute of Australia Gold Coast Committee and highly regarded in the Urban Planning field.


Daniel Mulherin

Town Planner ⇾

Daniel has a driving passion for urban planning and attention to detail that makes an immediate impression on our clientele. Working previously for the Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association in a high management role for 10 years, Daniel has exceptional communication skills, integrity and community values which align with the core values of Taylor Willis Town Planners.

Daniel holds a Bachelor Degree of Urban and Environmental Planning, studied as an undergraduate Engineer (Civil) and has experience working in construction. The natural transition for Daniel’s planning career was to move into the private sector and strive to achieve the visions, outcomes and potential for his client’s investments with a focus on the best possible development solutions for the Gold Coast community and region.


Jasmine Divall

Junior Town Planner ⇾

Jasmine is currently studying a Double Bachelor Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning/Science at Griffith University. She commenced her studies in 2015 and since has been awarded winner of the 2017 Young Planners Innovation Showcase. Her dedication to the planning industry was inspired by her passion for the built environment and sustainable cities. She offers a fresh approach to planning solutions through her ongoing experiences.

Sho Dan

Office Manager ⇾

Sho oversees the office management and delivery of our Town Planning Services from start to finish and is engrained in all aspects of the business. Sho is proficient in English and Chinese. In addition to ensuring the office runs smoothly, Sho also joins our town planners regularly to attend meetings with Chinese clients by providing assistance to mutual parties to overcome language barriers and open-up the face-to-face communication channel.


Daisy Yao

Administrator/Town Planner (Junior Role)⇾

Daisy has Bachelor Degree of Urban and Regional Planning from Queensland University of Technology and Master Degree of Construction Practice from Bond University. She provides important support to our administration and planning team.


Brianna Gosper

Student Intern ⇾

Brianna is currently studying Bachelor Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning at Griffith University.