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Taylor Willis Town Planners offer town planning and project management services. We have an indepth understanding of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and related acts that govern how property can be used and developed within Queensland. We have a long-standing working relationship with various Councils within Queensland, primarily Gold Coast City Council. Our team of passionate, qualified and experienced professionals will work for you to meet your needs. Taylor Willis offer unique and innovative solutions to land development proposals and town planning queries.

Property Development

We act on your behalf to make your development dreams a reality.  From due diligence to project design to development feasibility to Council approval.  We understand what is required to get your development designed and approved. 


Are you looking at purchasing a property with an idea to develop it?  Are you a business looking for a suitable premises to establish? We provide trustworthy due diligence advice to ensure you make an informed and lawful decision.


A Development Approval is a legal document issued by the government setting out the approved use of your property and under what conditions the use can operate.  The Development Approval process is expertly managed by us to ensure the outcome is favourable for you.


Taylor Willis have qualified and experienced project managers on our team who will expertly guide your property development through the correct processes and systems to ensure a favourable outcome is achieved quickly & in the most cost-effective way.  We will follow the most streamlined process to reduce costs and time. 

Change of Use

A Material Change of Use (previously known as re-zoning) of a property is one of the most common forms of development. Taylor Willis Town Planners is experienced in simple 'house' to a duplex or home office or adding a granny flat. But we also are experienced in the more complex projects of shopping centres or multi storey mixed use towers.


Subdivision of land is the process of splitting property into new lots for sale. Properties can be subdivided either via freehold or community title subdivision. Taylor Willis Town Planners have gained countless approvals for subdivisions & can provide trustworthy advice with regards to your property.


There are so many permits and approvals to get when owing property or operating a business from a premises. These include signage approvals, landscaping approvals, liquor licences, road closure permits etc. We can organise approval of all of these & more! 


Sometimes property owners & business owners aren't aware of the town planning requirements & receive a Show Cause Notice from the Council. These letters contain threats of large fines and enforcement action. We have dealt with hundreds of these cases & can best advise on how to deal with it quickly and cost-effectively.


Often developers come to us with a street address & say 'what is the highest & best use of this property?' We then prepare a report highlighting the rules and regulations affecting the site & the opportunities that exist including the process to achieving them. 

We are actively involved in many relevant industry and business organisations as committee chairs, professional members, industry mentors/advisors etc.  These organisations ensure we are kept well informed and at the forefront of changes in policy as well as opportunities and challenges the development industry will face.   

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