2015 Gold Coast City Planning Scheme - Current

The New City Plan came on effective on Feb 02, 2016. Follow the link below for access to the new scheme. If you are looking for something in particular, give us a call & we can help.  


Superseded 2003 Gold Coast City Planning Scheme.


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• Where are the water, sewer, and stormwater located

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• What is the registered flood level This form does it all.


Prioritised development in Southport CBD

Southport has been placed as a State priority development area to foster its growth into the Gold Coast's CBD. The priority development area is located over the existing Southport Central Business District (CBD) and includes the former Gold Coast hospital site, Broadwater Parklands and residential areas located directly north of Railway Street and south of Queen Street. The PDA contains a diverse mix of uses centred around Nerang and Scarborough Streets and includes retail, commercial, financial, educational, legal and community uses, while the residential areas offer a diversity of dwelling type and size.

Approvals for high rise developments and mixed use plazas are being fast tracked, with average approvals taking 30 days.


Gold Coast Infrastructure Charges

Do you want to know how much your Infrastructure Charges will be?

The current discounts apply until July 2014;

  • Existing buildings: no infrastructure charges levied for any change in non-residential land use (ongoing).
  • Expansion: for non-residential land uses, up to an additional 50 per cent of GFA or a maximum of 500m2, whichever is the lower, will be exempt from infrastructure charges (ongoing).
  • Family accommodation: no charge for family accommodation dwellings of 100m2 GFA or less. Family accommodation dwellings greater than 100m2 GFA will be charged at 40 per cent of the relevant AICR charge (ongoing).
  • Not-for-profit community groups: rebates for the water and wastewater networks will be restored, following the return of responsibility to Council (ongoing).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we engage a town planner?

Our role is to facilitate an approval that will work for you. The Council and State Government approval process can be time consuming, costly and unsuccessful if handled incorrectly. Each project is unique and therefore by hiring Taylor Willis Town Planners to act on your behalf, it is our guarantee to save you time and money.  We cut through the process, devise a strategy, and find that workable solution by understanding the big picture and paying careful attention to detail. ​


Can you explain in plain English what these town planning terms mean?

Exempt development?  An Exempt development doesn’t require assessment against the Planning Scheme & doesn’t require Development Approval from Council. Examples of this is Public Utility, Family Day Care Home, Minor Change in the scale or intensity of an existing lawful use.

Self Assessable?  A Self Assessable development does require assessment against parts of the Planning Scheme.  Subject to this assessment, if fully compliant, it doesn’t require Development Approval from Council.  Examples of this is a Detached Dwelling is a Residential area and an Industrial building in Industry 1 Domain.  We provide a Self Assessable Determination to allow your project to skip straight to Building Approval.  

Code Assessable?  A Code Assessable development does require assessment against parts of the Planning Scheme and does require Development Approval from Council.  A development that is Code Assessable is considered low risk development & is unlikely to be refused.  We are capable of managing a range of Code Assessable developments via a fast-tracked process and have them approved by Council within 5 business days.  

Impact Assessable?  An Impact Assessable development does require assessment against the entire Planning Scheme and does require Development Approval from Council.  This type of development needs its impacts assessed in full, including traffic, noise, visual appearance, environmental, social/health etc. If any of these issues are caused by the proposed development, they must be fixed to make certain that the neighbours and community are not affected in a negative way.   A development that is Impact Assessable requires public advertising for 15 business days & the community have the right to object to the proposal.   

Whilst that sounds confronting, most of our applications are Impact Assessable.  Therefore, we are very skilled at successfully navigating the approval process for Impact Assessable applications and can advice you of your chances from the outset.


I’ve been told it will take at least 9 to 12 months to get an approval, is this true?

No. For complex applications which involve large projects, 9 to 12 months is a fair estimate.  However, Taylor Willis Town Planners have several examples where it has only taken 5 business days to receive the final Decision Notice approving the proposal.   On average, we say 3 to 6 months, however dependent upon the client’s commitment to the project, we can significantly reduce this timeframe.  For example, recently we managed an Impact Assessable application and had the approval within 7 weeks from lodgement. 


Is there a risk Council will refuse my application?
​Due to our professional obligations as professional members of the Planning Institute of Australia, unfortunately we cannot guarantee an approval.  However since 2008 when the business started, we have had a 100% success rate (i.e. 100% of our projects have resulted in planning officers recommending approval).  We will only manage projects which we believe deserve approval & therefore we can represent our clients interests entirely.  

Why should I choose Taylor Willis over another planning firm?

​At Taylor Willis Town Planners, you are a valued client.  Your project will be our priority & due to our small office size, everyone in the office has input into your project’s success.  We aren’t ex-government officers & therefore we are time efficient & outcome driven.  Based on years of private sector experience, we understand how to best use the system to our client’s optimal advantage.  And importantly, we promise to only represent private sector clients, and therefore we will never hold conflict of interest when negotiating with Council or State Government on your behalf. 


Contact us via the details below and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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We are actively involved in many relevant industry and business organisations as committee chairs, professional members, industry mentors/advisors etc.  These organisations ensure we are kept well informed and at the forefront of changes in policy as well as opportunities and challenges the development industry will face.   

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